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Preparation with hyaluronic acid - GENGIGEL

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of connective tissue. Connective tissue is present throughout our body and in particularly large quantities in the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and in the gums. New in the treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa and gums are preparations containing hyaluronic acid - GENGIGEL. In inflammatory processes and in case of impaired integrity of the oral mucosa, the local content of hyaluronic acid decreases and this leads to redness, swelling, pain, bleeding and reduced tissue regeneration.

Professional and home (prescribed by a dentist) application of preparations with hyaluronic acid (GENGIGEL) help and favor: healing of extraction wounds (wounds after tooth extraction), the healing process after placement of implants, treatment of aphthae and injury from prostheses, treatment of periodontal pockets in severe degrees of periodontitis and after closed (therapeutic curettage).

From a prophylactic point of view, preparations with hyaluronic acid are of fundamental importance in maintaining excellent oral hygiene and prevent the colonization and entry of microorganisms.

Preparations containing hyaluronic acid (GENGIGEL) are indispensable when the first teeth erupt, and are also extremely safe and useful for the prevention of gingival diseases in pregnant women.

Hyaluronic acid is part of every organism and is of primary importance in the treatment of the oral cavity.

text: Dental studio "Megadent" Dr. Diana Bushkalova and Dr. Neli Karakoleva

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