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Подготовка на деца за посещение при детски стоматолог.

Preparation of children before a visit to the dentist

In this emergency situation, when you are with your children at home, pay attention to the health of your child's teeth.

Taking care of the health of the teeth and oral cavity is important, and is part of taking care of the health of the whole organism.

This process starts from early infancy and this is expressed in cleaning the gums, tongue and sublingual space of the baby, after each feeding with moistened gauze.

The same continues with the breakthrough of the first baby teeth. When the child already has four teeth, then they start cleaning them with a small brush or thimble and a small amount of toothpaste. It is then that the first visit should take place a dentist, which is expressed in a consultation for the parent and in which the way of eating and cleaning the teeth is discussed as part of their care.

Preparation for the first visit to the children's dentist

When the child is between the ages of 2-3 years, then the preparation for independent entry into the dental office and carrying out a preventive examination.

This preparation is done at home by parents, grandparents, etc. relatives - in the form of a game and according to the age, it is explained where to go; what is done there; how the dentist works In preparation in these children NO the words are used – fear, scary, pain, machines, needles. Play dentists with plasticine, dolls, etc. .

Older children who have already been to the dentist and continue to feel fear are different cases and require more patience to be able to provide quality treatment even if the case is urgent. It is very important in this period to overcome the fear of a visit to the dentist, because otherwise the child may develop Dentophobia.

We will give you advice to implement together, with cooperation between pediatric dentist and a parent. You should be prepared for a possible longer treatment. In this way, the desired result is achieved.

The result of preparation for treatment in the dental office you can see it in the next video. The child is 3 and a half years old. She came with her grandmother who was waiting for her IN FRONT OF the cabinet.

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