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Композитни фасети Iveneer

Iveener - Injection system

Ivineer is an innovative, injectable system for bonding restorations. The main element in this system is the direct injection composite template designed to create esthetically beautiful bonding restorations. The template's unique anatomical design allows high-quality anterior restorations to be created in approximately 20-30 minutes. This is a much faster alternative to traditional hand restoration methods.

Speed, predictable results, minimally invasive method

Iveneer композитни фасети
Бързина на композитните системи Iveneer
Iveneer - Минимално инвазивна система

Teeth made with this type of restoration need minimal adjustment or polishing, and this significantly reduces the time the patient spends in the chair. In addition to full restorations, the Ivineer system can also be used for:

Discolored teeth;

Temporary restorations until the main porcelain veneers or zirconium crowns are built;

Misaligned teeth that do not require orthodontic treatment;

Placement of composite crowns;

Erased or filed teeth;

Cosmetic prototypes and shade selection.

Advantages of the Ivineer injection system


The world's first and currently only injectable veneer system that transforms the way restorations are done.


It is currently the fastest procedure for partial and full bonding restorations. With just one visit, visible results are achieved literally in a few minutes.

Minimally invasive

This innovative technology is extremely patient-friendly. It is suitable for treating all patients, even those who experience anxiety when visiting the dentist.

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